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Turns out there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I would be posting something new everyday if I could! However, it turns out I’m not Batman (so why do I have a cape and respond to bat-shaped signals in the sky?), and I just can’t keep up with life and two blogs at the same time. I promise I will put something real up here as soon as I can! In the mean time, hop on over to my other blog which I update more often (it takes less time to manage).

I appreciate all of y’all!


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Dear cyber-abyss,

I duly apologize for lack of posting over the last several weeks despite my commitment to a weekly post. I have been super swamped, and am feeling a bit under the weather. I do however, promise an actual new post soon…so stay on the lookout.

Hope the new year has brought you all lots of joy and wonderful surprises!


SYW…Make a New Years Resolution and Actually Keep it

As the Holidays are moving past us, the new year is quickly approaching, and people will start making the ever-so daunting list of resolutions for the New Year. Generally regarded as a new beginning, millions of people pledge to lose weight, read more, or clean out the garage. I’ve never personally been a huge participant in this yearly ritual; to me it’s just another new year, another day, nothing really has changed. But recently, I’ve warmed up to the idea. I often find myself reflecting on my life and promising myself to be a better person, or change this or that in the future. I believe that we are constantly changing and evolving as time goes on, making ourselves more ourselves with each reaction to life’s events. To more succinctly put it, I turn to a quote from a book I read my freshman year in high school. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin.

“As a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do…”

Rather than actually construct a list of specific resolutions I’ve promised myself to take a look at my life monthly and reflect on what I wish I could change and focus on how I should do things differently in the future. I’ve often thought, and still do, that how we react to situations is what determines our character; ergo it would be ideal to determine how to react if situations recur in the future. Along with that, I find I feel the general urge to be a better person, blah blah blah. I’ve also decided to focus less on mistakes I’ve made in the past and try to move on. “No regrets” is a phrase commonly coined, yet I think its been used to lightly. Regrets are inevitable, it’s what we do with them that determines whether they control our lives, or we use them to shape who we are. Now to actually do what I’ve decided to.

However, I’m sure many of you will actually make a mental or physical list. So here are my suggestions, that I hope will aid you, and myself.

Resolutions can be big, so make a general one, then divide it into small, manageable goals. For example, if you wanted to read 12 new books in the year, set a goal to read one a month. Likewise, if you wanted to lose a certain amount of weight by the end of the year, divide it up into smaller monthly or quarterly goals.

Once you make a general resolution, think of specific ways you can execute them. If you wanted to be more involved in community service, pick projects from your local community and set up a time you can participate in one or two a month, maybe more depending on your schedule and current level of involvement.

Be realistic. A year may seem like a long time, but for some things it may not be. Change does take time and effort, so if you want to do something make sure you have enough time and energy to wholly devote to that resolution. In my mind, completing one task thoroughly is better than doing 5 tasks half-way.

Set up an accountability system. Chances are there are others around you who want to do the same things as you. If you want to read more, set up a book club to meet once a month. If you want to lose weight, exercise and meet with a partner. Even if your friends and family don’t have the same goals as you, they will likely be fully supportive of you.

Hope you have had a wonderful Holiday Season, and good luck in the new year!


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SYW…See a New Movie

Its beginning to get cold enough outside that outdoor activities are becoming less and less inviting. At least here that’s true. It snowed one day in October, but hasn’t since. Which disappoints me, especially since its almost Christmas and there are no signs of waking up to find a magical white world to greet me Christmas morning. No, its supposed to be partly sunny and 50 degrees. On Christmas. You’ve got to be kidding me. Anywho, its at least cold enough to enjoy curling up with a good movie. So here are a few good ones.

Holiday Movies:


My personal favorite Christmas Movie

Elf is pretty much the best Christmas movie ever. If you haven’t seen it, well then you’re seriously missing out. And it doesn’t get old no matter how many times you watch it. For me, it’s a holiday staple. Christmas time means Elf time. Keep in mind this movie is a comedy, not an emotional movie. Heart-warming? Maybe, but tear-jerking? no. I recommend watching this movie with a group of people, the more the merrier. And we all want a merry Christmas.

It’s A Wonderful Life
A classic

This is a quintessential Holiday movie with a heart-warming, and possibly emotional (possibly) plot with a positive moral. I recommend watching it in black and white, it just seems right that way.

Other Movies:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
So good. So, so, so good.

If you haven’t seen the first one, go get it, and watch it. Be amazed. Then catch this one in the theaters. Be blown away. Sequels are generally a step down from the first, yet this one matches, and possibly even exceeds the first. I can’t hype this up enough. I saw it a couple of days ago on the big screen with a group of friends. Amazing. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect fit for Holmes. And the script, just brilliant. The back and forth between Watson and Homes is lives up to its predecessor’s quirky humor. The plot is fast paced, and the details are impeccable and clever. Yet my favorite aspect is probably the cinematography. Stunning. Spectacular. Perfect. I can’t praise it enough. I love every aspect of it. The action sequences are absolutely terrific. So go see it.


If you haven’t seen this one, you’re really behind on things. But as one of my favorites I had to add it in. I’ve seen it probably 5 times, and enjoyed it each and every time. You should probably see it twice, spaced out a bit just to try to comprehend it. Its much easier to stay with the movie the second time. This is most definitely and action and thinking movie, and it is very difficult to keep up, but its amazing.

The Matrix

This one goes along with Inception as a thinking action movie. So, don’t watch it within 2 weeks of watching Inception, because your brain will hurt. I wouldn’t recommend watching the 2nd or 3rd in the series, they will just disappoint.

The Pink Panther: The originals!!

Sure Steve Martin is funny, but he just doesn’t to justice to the role Peter Sellers was made for. They are simply hilarious. The last in the series isn’t as good, because Peter Sellers died in the middle of filming, so the ending is a bit scrambled and hasty. But the others are awesome.

For family friendly animated movies, that can be enjoyed by adults as well, my picks are

Gnomeo and Juliet and Despicable Me. I love both of them. Gnomeo and Juliet is on instant stream Netflix, and check your local Red Box for Despicable Me.

So crawl under a blanket, grab a group of friends, or snuggle up with your other half, and enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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SYW…Give a Great Gift

Christmas presents can be hard to chooseIt’s the holiday season, time for family and friends and relaxing and having a good time, right? Well, sort of. But you have to work for it. At first the holidays are something that we eagerly look forward to, counting down the days, and pumping up on caffeine just to try and get through, because the holidays are just so wonderful! And then they arrive, all of a sudden, like a ninja. Where did all of the time go? Just a few weeks ago it seemed like they would never come, and now you find yourself totally unprepared. Frazzled and frantic, the panic begins to set in. You haven’t even started shopping yet. Maybe you went out on black Friday, maybe you didn’t, but either way there is always still a long list of people to get gifts for. That crazy friend or wild and crazy cousin you can never seem to find the right gift for. And then there’s the people who have everything. And the people you know just well enough to get something, but not well enough to have any idea what to get them. And then there’s the size. You want to give a gift that is proportional in greatness to how great theirs is for you. And if they end up not getting you something, then well if you got them a great gift, then that’s just awkward. Gift cards would be a fabulous and universal gift in concept, but they’re just so impersonal. To cut down on the stress, organize a Secret Santa with your friends and co-workers. This should make things instantly more exciting, but at the same time you only have to get one gift! And then there’s the family. You search your mind and try to remember what you got them in prior years. Getting them the same thing twice would just be embarrassing. You have to get them a unique gift because they’re family, but what on earth do you get them that’s still original? And that’s just the beginning. After gifts, a whirlwind of other holiday stress surfaces. Great, now you wish it was two weeks before when you were just trudging through your work and trying to meet that deadline. So to attempt to simplify things, I’ve made a list of gift ideas that are general enough they can suit a lot of people, but appear to have required more effort than a gift card.

Girl to Girl gifts

Generally, anything from bath and body works or a similar store, what girl doesn’t love something like this?
Scented candles
Anything sparkly, really
Music-only if they reaallly want something and have told you specifically
For the beauty-obsessed friend: a makeup set

Girl to Guy gifts

It seems impossible, but with a few tricks, you can get them something they will genuinely appreciate.
aka ANYTHING related to a sports team they are a fan of. seriously, its like their whole life.
sports related items
sports related items. Yes, that is the third time I’ve mentioned this. They just love sports.

Okay, there are some guys who aren’t huge sports fans. So think about something they do like. If they collect something, choose an item they don’t already have to fit their collection. If you’re not sure, ask them to talk about it. Chances are if they’re so into collecting it, they’ll be so excited you asked, they won’t be suspicious that you’re going to get them a related gift.

Weird trinkets. I once got my brother a basketball hoop you attach to your head and have other people throw balls into.

If you want to spend a little more money, any electronic gadget they can mess around with

A watch. It may be a little mundane, but try and pick a unique one, like an antique pocket watch. This is a very practical gift, good to accompany another gift for someone you know well

Guy to Girl

Okay, so this also may seem impossible, but again, anything sparkly or shiny. Seriously, its like guys and sports.

Guy to Guy

I’m not even sure if guys generally give each other gifts, or if they put that much thought into it if they do.
But, I’ll include some suggestions just to cover the bases.

Anything related to sports, or an inside joke.

I should also add that any kind of home-made baked good will make anyone happy. People love food.
Hopefully this gives you some starting ideas.

Best wishes, and good luck!


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SYW…know what this is

Well then read on.

This is a blog, but by the time you’ve read this sentence you’ve probably already figured that out. And now you’re probably thinking “Oh, come on, not one of these pesky things. I don’t care about this”. But wait, don’t stop reading just yet. And I’ve kept you engaged for yet another sentence. But I digress, and since I hate introductions I’ll make this short. SYW, as you may have guessed stands for So You Wanna. I’ll hopefully be posting at least once a week, and who knows maybe I’ll have a guest blogger to thrill occasionally or if I just get too busy. And now to make an obscure reference most people probably wont get (Oh, people these days…)

“And now its time to say goodbye to [me] and all [my] friends, [I] would like to thank you folks for kindly dropppin’ in. You’re all invited back again to this locality, to have a heapin’ helpin’ of [our] hospitality…sit a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, y’hear?”


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